Internet marketing has constantly been evolving and advancing, and iBeacon technology surely takes advertising to a whole new level. Location-aware marketing is based on apps sensitive to beacon devices, utilizing the mobile device to detect the user’s location, and then triggering content delivery based on the location and time. Reports show that interactions with products increased 19 times and store app usage was 16.5 times higher for users who received a beacon message!

Meanwhile, the system analyzes customer behavior and uses the data to improve future offers. Imagine you were at an art show. You could get recommendations for other exhibitions based on the paintings you have been looking at. Visitors could be guided through the show in real-time based on their location.  No need for descriptions next to paintings because people get the information automatically on their phone. Beacons can be placed in casinos, too, near the gaming tables or at bars, allowing engagement with customers depending on their gaming behaviors.

A beacon is not a physical location; it can be placed anywhere, giving it an advantage over GPS. It consists of a broadcaster (beacon device) and a receiver (smartphone app). iBeacon is changing the future of shopping and we can offer it to you right now.

What can Click Attack offer?

ic_long_range@2xBetter than GPS. GPS signals have trouble penetrating the steel and glass of buildings. iBeacon’s micro-location feature can solve this problem.

ic_long_range@2xAdvanced technology.. Cheaper devices only broadcast the basic iBeacon protocol, while others offer additional features such as temperature sensing, motion control, sound or light activation.

ic_long_range@2xShopping suggestions.. The shops will be able to send out shopping suggestions based on areas of interest or your previous purchases. It seems like 53% of consumers are willing to share their current location to receive more relevant advertising! That’s an opportunity not to miss.

ic_long_range@2xEngaged customers.. Engaged customers. Apparently 57% of consumers are more likely to engage with location-based advertising than classic marketing, and interacting with display sounds like a fun way to engage. For example, you can overlay an image of a suit onto your photo when you come near a tailor shop.

ic_long_range@2xHigher conversion rate.. Are you wondering how proximity marketing is driving retail? You can send “on-the-fly” marketing messages to mobile-device users who are close to your business and invite them in. Over 40% of shoppers say they look for offers on their mobile devices while they’re in store!

ic_long_range@2xApp popularity increase.. Beacons can help retailers to spread their app. Only 5% of in-store shoppers have a retailer’s mobile app installed on their phone. (Source MobStac)

ic_long_range@2xDeepen customer relationship. With their instant connection possibility, beacons unite retailers with their consumers, encourage stronger loyalty and improve customer experience.

ic_long_range@2xPersonalize customer experience.. Send personalized department-level deals, discounts and recommendations to customers. According to a recent study by eDigitalResearch, 78% of consumers agreed they would be happy to receive personalized messages from retailers.

ic_long_range@2xDetailed insight.. Monitor every aspect of micro-location experiences such as beacon occupancy, app engagement and task executions and gain insight into campaign efficiency in real-time with detailed reporting and analysis.

ic_long_range@2xNo security issues.. Beacons never host information about the provider, the position, the product or the smartphone owner.

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Be among the early adopters of proximity marketing like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Levi’s and Kraft, ICA and Coop, and give your customers the opportunity to engage with your brand in a fun way, increasing your revenue &app popularity and affirming customer loyalty.

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