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Our solutions are a mix of intriguing ideas, hard work and advanced technology. Our goal is to offer our clients services for achieving set marketing goals, enriching your database, expanding your customer base or enhancing communication between the brand and the user.

Time is of the essence. We can deliver the services you want without unnecessary waiting; we will not stall, delay or waste your time. Our services belong in the competitive price and without a doubt the quality standard of the service we deliver is high.

As the leading regional mobiles advertising network we are present throughout the market of the Southeast Europe, with offices in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Romania and Montenegro. More coming soon!

Pushing the limits is our motto because we always strive to be the initiators of new trends and technologies and to offer our customers more than others. Therefore, we are growing and developing each day, creating new services for you.

Consider us a trustworthy partner. Rely on our expertise, experience in the industry and the long list of our successfully completed campaigns and, above all, in our wish of your success. See our portfolio and contact us to determine the optimal offer for you!

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ClickAttack je premium oglašivačka mreža koja posluje kao lider u regionu jugoistočne Evrope sa ciljem da svojim klijentima obezbedi najbolje iskustvo mobilnog oglašavanja.

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11070 Novi Beograd, Srbija
Telefon:+ 381 11 3110 446
Email: info.rs@clickattack.com

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